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Name:Fantastic Women
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for discussing the best portrayals of female characters in fantasy and science fiction
[community profile] fantastic_women is a community for sharing and discussing female characters portrayed in fantasy, science fiction, and speculative fiction who you consider to be well-written.

1. This is a positive community. The purpose here is to celebrate and share good examples of female characters, not to bash the all-too-frequent bad ones.

2. Of course, "good" in this context is mostly synonymous with "realistic." Found a kick-ass yet believable heroine? Tell us! Just encountered an excellent villainess who is disturbingly plausible in her canon's context? Bring her in! Fallen in love with a properly fleshed-out female supporting character? Inform the internet!

3. Any medium of fantasy/sci fi/speculative fiction is up for discussion. Books, t.v., movies, anime, manga, comics, webcomics, you get the idea.

4. Please tag your posts with the medium and canon you're talking about. Like this, "books: the sun sword" If the series in question comes in more than one medium and you're talking about both, tag for both, like this "manga: mushishi, anime: mushishi" No extraneous tags please!

5. Any content that may not be suitable for all ages or for work should be appropriately labeled and placed behind a cut.

6. Be reasonable. Wank is never pleasant.

That's about it!

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